2020: CSA nominations for 3 different shows


2020 brought an unusual start to the year with three CSA nominations for Ari Posner on three different shows. “It’s all about surrounding yourself with good people”, says Posner, who has received CSA nods this year for his original scoring work on Anne with an E, Carter and Let’s Go Luna.

Ari co-writes the score for Anne with an E with his long time friend and collaborator Amin Bhatia. This is the third year in a row that the duo has been nominated for their work on the series.

For season two of Carter, Ari joined forces once again with his friend Ian Lefeuvre to take the detective show score in a brand new direction under the guidance of showrunner Andy Berman. The hard work paid off and was acknowledged with a nomination for Best Original Score in a Dramatic Series.

Last but not least, Ari was lucky enough to collaborate with Amin Bhatia, Kris Kuzdak and Chris Tait on a wonderfully educational pre-school series called Let’s Go Luna for PBS. Created by Joe Murray, the PBS series was a musical workout for the team as the characters in the show traverse the globe to over 20 different countries in the first season. Being a show about diverse cultures, the music naturally had to follow suit, whether in Egypt, Thailand, India, Australia or New Orleans! Let’s Go Luna received a CSA nomination for Best Music in an Animated Series.